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Viewing Lyrics for My God:

Taken from the album Land Of The Free by Pennywise
Album:Land Of The Free
Track:My God
Date Added:27/04/2015
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:People on the street
They want to find a god they'll never know
Organized religeon pulls
the blinds
Then they pull the wool
They open up your head
They're f--king with your
Now you can't see because you're blind

You try to make amends
But your
head's still spinning round
The church of Jesus Christ
Says it's time don't f--k
You want to go to heaven
You see it isn't free
Give your money up to

My God
Is not the one that you wanna see
Your God
Is a mirage, a
You pray
For forgivenenss 'cause you're sinning
Scared to death
your money you'll be giving

Holier than thou
With your one-way morality
I think
your shallow faith
Isn't based in reality
You don't like how we're living
sinful and obcene
Why are you judging me?

You're richer than god
But you're
crying out for more
You're living like a king
While you steal from the poor
You wanna
be forgiven
Get on your knees and pray
Send in your cash and be saved

hope you've been chosen to be saved
'Cause your empathy only goes so far today
Pay no mind
to those in pain
They just want the souls that are willing to pay their way
Your god's not
for me

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