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Viewing Lyrics for My God:

Taken from the album Land Of The Free by Pennywise
Album:Land Of The Free
Track:My God
Date Added:27/04/2015
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Lyrics:People on the street
They want to find a god they'll never know
Organized religeon pulls
the blinds
Then they pull the wool
They open up your head
They're f--king with your
Now you can't see because you're blind

You try to make amends
But your
head's still spinning round
The church of Jesus Christ
Says it's time don't f--k
You want to go to heaven
You see it isn't free
Give your money up to

My God
Is not the one that you wanna see
Your God
Is a mirage, a
You pray
For forgivenenss 'cause you're sinning
Scared to death
your money you'll be giving

Holier than thou
With your one-way morality
I think
your shallow faith
Isn't based in reality
You don't like how we're living
sinful and obcene
Why are you judging me?

You're richer than god
But you're
crying out for more
You're living like a king
While you steal from the poor
You wanna
be forgiven
Get on your knees and pray
Send in your cash and be saved

hope you've been chosen to be saved
'Cause your empathy only goes so far today
Pay no mind
to those in pain
They just want the souls that are willing to pay their way
Your god's not
for me

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I'm going through a thang (repeat 3x)

I'm having problems in my life, steady going
through a thang
Fall to my knees beggin please that my life will change
My life has been
good, but still it riles me, nothing is time is stored
Jacking this store for a gain of,
something cause blacks are killing blacks
I gots to hustle while i, can
Don't depend on
tomorrow cause i might be a dead man
I wake up in the morning, there's no food in my,
My momma give her '86 is cussing out her kids
Age of 13 i started smoking on that
Kicked it with jodi now i'm peeping out the window
A lot is on my mind and there's a
lotta pressure pressing me
America and its system, i figure that they're testing me
I fall
and catch myself, falling in my wisdom
Daddy's raping daughters and having s-- with em
mother's turning tricks and i'm ??? no more
My sister had a baby and she's eating off the
I'm going through a thang, my mind's about to crack
Somebody took my sack, i gots to
take it back
My heart is in the ghetto cause the ghetto's steady pacing me
Last night i
slit my wrists cause jason was steady chasing me
No jobs in my city, i thankt that's a
Shorties in the house drinking 40's and we all going straight through a

I'm goin, i'm goin, i'm goin through a thang (repeat 8x)

I'm having problems, today
was a bad day
My father's creamated, i smoked his ashes and threw em in an ashtray
granny had a stroke and my sister's on dope
And now i read all the suicidal notes that my
sister wrote
But i must move on, i must forget about the past
Cause see i'm deep in the
ghetto and i'm surrounded by broken glass
It's time to see a murder, my glock is the
I'm labeled as a killer, i cause more grief than the projects
With a revolver in my
hand, they don't figure i live too long
They tell me to live right but my society's living
I'm sitting in therapy, i got problems i won't admit
My teacher's a s-- fiend and my
reverend's a hypocrite
I'm catching myself from falling, my record deal was stalling
ooting on them thangs while my mother's calling
Nothing worth living for but my family and the
I pack a .44, so save the fur for the easter bunny
Cocaine and ??? i don't think i'm
a ever change
All these problems on my chest, got me going through a thang

I'm goin,
i'm goin, i'm goin through a thang (repeat 8x)

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