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Viewing Lyrics for X Y And Zee:

Artist:Pop Will Eat Itself
Taken from the album Cure For Sanity by Pop Will Eat Itself
Album:Cure For Sanity
Track:X Y And Zee
Date Added:27/04/2015
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Lyrics:I am he who is X Y and Zee
I carry no card my life is cheap
Have no worries I do not
Some may have what I'm yet to get
And you may wonder, "Is it how?"
A kitten may
turn into a cow
With bells and horns and
Tinned corned beef
Forests, profits

Plastic High Streets
I am he who is A B and Cee
An easy option
Like twentieth
Satisfaction guaranteed
It's easy!

Let's steal a spaceship and

Head for the sun and
Shoot the stars with
A lemonade ray gun
Make a movie and
TV show
You be Jane
I'm George Jetson

I am you! You are me!
Y Zee to A B Cee
You, Me, Us
We are one

>From out our window
We can
Electric sunshine
Oxygen factories
Clockwork tides
Synthetic trees
like the real ones
On Vee Tee
Mother Nature and Father Time
Used to be good friends
of mine
But now we've put them
In a home
Filed them under "uses Unidentified"

"No Pop? No style!"
Is a phrase out of phase
To praise what's worthwhile
This is as
good as it gets
this is the best

Let's catch the last rays
Of civilisation and
tune-in to a
Sub-space station
Turn up the DJ
Let's get lost in intergalactic

Punk rock hip hop


This is the time
The time of our lives

Escaping time
For the all time highs
Of love, lust, laughter
That make us sweat

Let's stimulate
Sensory amplification
This is PWEI-zation!
This is this
It's the
living end
"Je t'aime! Encore! Je t'aime!"


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