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Viewing Lyrics for H---y Pony:

No album artwork found
Album:B-Side Of Cream In The Uk
Track:H---y Pony
Date Added:27/04/2015
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:Ahhh yes
New dance commercial - take 1

Ahhh yes
There ya go, there ya
H---y people gather here {x2}

H---y people gather here
We are fixin' 2 put
it in all your ears
We got a new dance 4 the next 8 years
I'm talkin' about the dance that
every parent fears the most
It's a s-- dance - it's a new dance
And it's rockin' from
coast 2 coast
I'm talkin' about, I'm talkin' about…
I'm talkin' about the H---y Pony,
y'all - come on
There ya go, there ya go
H---y Pony
Girlfriend, look at this dance
Prince is doin' now
Is he weird or what?

Sing (H---y Pony)

Now that's 2

In the years of the war, we don't wanna know
U're buckin' that body like U
really go 4 the hip stuff
H into the I into the P
It ain't enough just 2 do some
U want it in your hip, U want it in your thighs
It's the dance that conservatives
most despise
Cuz it's the s-- dance - it's the new dance
And it's rockin' every h---y
woman, every man
It's the H---y Pony, y'all (H---y Pony)
And there ya go

Chicken grease in the house

Chicken grease? I don't know
That's it, I
gotta run
And U can run all the way 2 Barcelona
But U can't hide, the H---y Pony get U
Don't look at me y'all, I just wrote it
Put on a record, wrapped it up and then I
sold it
H---y people gather here {x2} (How long?)
4 the next 8 years
We got a new
dance - it's the H---y Pony

Yeah, the music's jammin', but it's about these

Sing (H---y Pony)
Girl, uh-uh - nope!

Did U come 2 party now?
(Yeah, yeah)
Do U really wanna now? (Yeah, yeah)
If U're h---y, let me know (Yeah,
The pony see U boogie now (Yeah, yeah)
So how am I supposed 2 do this

"How U do that dance?"
I can't do that - I'm a lady (n---a, please!)
can't do that


Listen 2 me while I show U how 2 do it
Just like a
virgin, U got 2 ease into it
Movin' your legs from the left 2 right
Your arms up high like
an eagle in flight
Keep your hands shakin' like a leaf on a tree
Jack Be Nimble, whoo,
U're doin' it – see?
The H---y Pony, y'all
There ya go, there ya go
It's the H---y
Do U believe this? Oh my God, this guy...
Oh, he's just so... he's just so
Oh my goodness, would U look at this?
I just... I just cannot believe
uh-uh - nope!
(H---y Pony)
Did U come here alone?

Uh, yeah -

Well guess who U goin' home with?

Ugh! That's


(There ya go, there ya go) {repeat till fade}
The H---y
(H---y Pony

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