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Viewing Lyrics for H---y Little Piggy Bank:

Artist:Pungent Stench
No album artwork found
Album:Dirty Rhymes And Psychotronic Beats
Track:H---y Little Piggy Bank
Date Added:27/04/2015
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:s--t! Shut the f--k up and get off my d--k
Wasted! That's what the hell your are
A piece
of p---y and that makes me sick
Money is all that matters in your worthless life
Right now
you get everything back
You broke my heart, so I'll break your neck
With my hands, I
f--king crack the bone
Oh, I enjoy your pain
Watch you bleed to death
Just can't wait
till you take your last breath

You played your games with me
Love made me blind now
I can see
You wanted my money but I'm not rich
Whatever you got, you deserve it

Dead! Your body smells like rotten fish
Painful was your demise and cash has
been your last wish
Yeah, I will keep your body in my house
f--k you whenever I
Lick up your a---ole and your c--t!
With my tongue I taste the juice
Ain't got
nothing to loose
I take the s--t on your face
Your existence was a disgrace

gotta give you what the f--k you need
Cash! Here you are, I fill your body with it
Open up
you b--tcheeks and drop the coins in your ass
Sweet little sister, now you're my piggy
Some day you're gonna be full
A money-pregnant slag
And heavy like a
My h---y little piggy bank

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I hear a lot of stories, I suppose they could be true
All about love and what it can do to
Highest risk of striking out, the risk of getting hurt
And still I have so much to
I know 'cause I think about it all the time
I know that real love is quite a

A good heart these days is hard to find(A good heart)

True love, the lasting kind
A good heart these days is hard to find
So please
be gentle with this heart of mine

My expectations may be high, I blame it on my youth

Soon enough I'll learn the painful truth
I'll face it like a fighter, then boast of
how I've grown
Anything is better than being alone
I know 'cause I learn a little
every day
I know 'cause I listen when the experts say-


Yes, I'm reflecting all my childhood dreams
My ideas of love weren't as
foolish as they seemed
If I don't start looking now, I'll be left behind
And a good
heart, these days, it's hard to find
I know it's a dream I'm willing to defend
I know
it will all be worth it in the end


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