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Viewing Lyrics for Cowboy X:

Artist:Sesame Street
Taken from the album Assorted by Sesame Street
Track:Cowboy X
Date Added:27/04/2015
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:Voice: In the early days of the West, the peaceful town of Sniddler's Gulch was threatened by one of
the meanest desparados of all time, Cowboy X, a man who left his mark everywhere!

(Cowboy X comes riding into town with a branding iron in one hand marked with the letter X.)

Frightened Looking Man: It's Cowboy X!

Cowboy X: Letter X! Letter X! Yipee!!! (he
stamps an X)

Voice: Cowboy X left X's everywhere - on the houses, on the streets, in the
schoolhouse, X's on the horses, X's on the town hall, even on the good citizens of Sniddler's Gulch

Cowboy X: (in the distance) X! X! Yipeeee!

(Rides off, leaving a
trail of X's)

Voice: The citizens finally decided that Cowboy X had to be stopped.

(Crowd noises)

Man 1: Throw him in jail!

Man 2: Run him out of town!

Little Boy: (crowd dies down) Wait, what if we just ASK Cowboy X to please stop marking
up our town with X's?

Man 3: The kid's got an idea!

Man 4: It's so crazy it
might work.

Woman: Here comes Cowboy X now.

Cowboy X: X! Woohoo! X!
Yiiiiiipee -- X!

(Cowboy X screeches his horse to a halt and stamps an X on the boy's

Little Boy: Cowboy X, would you please stop marking X's all over our town?

Cowboy X: Why, sure ah'll stop! (laughs)

Town: Aaaaahhhhh!

Cowboy X:
From now on, ah'll be known as Cowboy O! (horse neighs) Yiiiipeeeee!!!

(Rides off,
leaving O's all over the place.)

Voice: And the citizens of Sniddler's Gulch lived
happily ever, because they really weren't very smart!

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