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Viewing Lyrics for Creature Feature:

Artist:Sesame Street
Taken from the album Assorted by Sesame Street
Track:Creature Feature
Date Added:27/04/2015
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:Male Voiceover: Birds in the sky (an eagle flies)
Beasts on the land (a buffalo walks by)

Fish in the sea (closeup of a fish face)
And bugs in your hand (a hand holding a
It's the Sesame Street Creature Feature (an owl blinks)

(This part
changes for each animal)

Male Voiceover: Today's creature is the pig

Voiceover: I'm a pink little porker
With a pink little snout
And a pretty little
Where my tail comes out
I've got pink little trotters
Four pink little
I'm a pretty pinkie piggy
And I'm piggy-wiggy sweet
I'm an oinkle-doinkle
Sniffle-snuffle with my snout
Here's my nose, just like a shovel
Root and rut
and rout about
I will scamper if you make me
I will scamper if I must
But I'm a
pretty perky piggy
And I'll leave you in the dust
I'm the piggy-wiggy mommy
I'm the
biggie-piggy sow
Think it's time to have a mud bath
Show those little piggies how

Buddy, mud is ruddy lovely
Ram my snout into the mud
Splatter flat into the mud bath

Mud is lovely, mud is good
Shove my nose into a bucket
Rimming full of luscious slops

s--k and slurp
And gulp and gobble in that bucket
Slops are tops
And when we're done
with playing
In the mud so sweet and deep
The barn's a spot that's warm and dark

That's where we go to sleep
The barn is awful-strawful
Straw makes a lovely bed
I lie
right beside my sisters
I sleep on my brother's head
A piglet's life is dreamy
as dreamy as it seems
I'm so cozy-rosey-dozy
Now it's time for piglet dreams (yawn)

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