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Viewing Lyrics for Ernie And Bert Do The Laundry:

Artist:Sesame Street
Taken from the album Assorted by Sesame Street
Track:Ernie And Bert Do The Laundry
Date Added:27/04/2015
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Lyrics:Scene: A rather elaborate room, wallpapered and rather cluttered, a grandfather clock stands in the
corner. In fact the Cluttered Room was only in a few skits, was it an early attempt at redecorating?
Bert walks in on Ernie, who's basically fiddling around.

Bert: "Ernie--look at this!
Ernie, when are you going to clean your room?" [Does this explain why Ernie and Bert share a
bedroom? That said bedroom is actually Bert's room--it's tidy enough--and Ernie sleeps there because
there is no room in his own? Makes sense to me.]

Ernie: "Tuesday after next, I think.
Tuesday after next is when I was planning to clean the room."

Bert: "Anyway, Ernie, it's
your turn to go to the laundromat. Take the clothes basket and go on down."

"Okay, no trouble." (He picks up the basket, which is empty, and heads off)

"Ernie, wait a minute! Aren't you forgetting something?"

Ernie: "Oh yeah, I forgot!
(gets something) Rubber Ducky! (squeaks him) Okay, off we go!" (starts off again)

"Wait a minute, Ernie, are you forgetting something else? Something important?"

(pauses to think) "Oh yeah ... a radio! (puts one in the basket) Have to have a radio, you know,
play music down there. Okay, we're off!" (tries again to leave)

Bert: "Aren't you
forgetting something else?"

Ernie: (thinks again) "Oh yeah, books! (puts them in the
basket. In fact Ernie keeps piling more and more stuff into the laundry basket as he speaks.) Books,
so I can read a story to Rubber Ducky while we wait! Oh yeah, and a basketball, in case someone
starts a game while we're down there! And I'll take an umbrella, just in case it starts raining!
Coloring books and a box of crayons, so Rubber Ducky and I can color while we wait for the laundry
to get done! And--"

Bert: "ERNIE!!"

Ernie: "Did I forget something else,

Bert: "Ernie, you forgot to put the LAUNDRY in the laundry basket!"

Ernie: "Oh no!"

Bert: "Yes, and now the laundry basket is so full of junk, there's no
room to put the laundry in!"

Ernie: "Oh no! That means there's only one thing I can do!"
(he goes off briefly)

Bert: "Yes, and that is ..."

Ernie: (reappears with
ball and mitt) "That means I'll just have to go and play baseball! Bye-bye! Kkehehehehe!"

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