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Viewing Lyrics for Ernie Helps Bert With His Sneeze:

Artist:Sesame Street
Taken from the album Assorted by Sesame Street
Track:Ernie Helps Bert With His Sneeze
Date Added:27/04/2015
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Lyrics:Bert: "Ahhhh....ahhhh...."

Ernie: "Hey Bert, what's wrong?"

Bert: "I think
I'm going to sneeze."

Ernie: "Bert, you can't sneeze, you don't have a hanky. You can't
sneeze without a hanky."

Bert: "I know, can you go get one, Ernie? Please hurry!"

Ernie: "Wait right there. (he runs off, returns with a large hanky) Okay you can sneeze now."

Bert: "Ahh, ahhh, just hold it right there, Ernie."

Ernie: "Just sneeze any
way you want to."

Bert: "Hold it that way, aaaahhhh, AAAhhhhh, I can feel it coming,
AAAAAHHHH, It's going to be a big one--AAACCCCCHHHHOOOOoooo!!! (Bert buries his nose in the hanky,
but when he lifts his head, his nose is still in Ernie's hand!) (nasally) That's better! Thanks,

Ernie: "Uh, Bert? (taps him on the shoulder, shows him his nose.) This here's
your nose. Looks like you sneezed your nose off."

Bert: (nasal) "Rats! (pause) Ernie,
can you keep this quiet? Draw the drapes and...(softly) and put my nose back on!"

"Why of course, kehehehe! That's what friends are for, aren't they, kehehehe?! They put their
friends' noses back on!"

Bert: (nasal) "Ernie, cut the clowning, and just put my nose
back on!"

Ernie: "Okay, okay." (Bert bends down, Ernie sticks it way over on the right
side of his face, then starts laughing again)

Bert: "Ernie, what are you doing? That's
not where my nose goes!"

Ernie: "Kehehehe! You should see where your nose is, Bert,

Bert: "I can see it, yeah, out of my left eye I can see it! C'mon, Ernie, you
know where it goes!"

Ernie: "Okay, just a minute." (Ernie pulls Bert's nose off and then
sticks it above Bert's eyebrows, starts laughing again.)

Bert: "Is that your idea of
where my nose goes? You know where it belongs!"

Ernie: "Kehehehe, it looks pretty funny
right where it is, kehehehe!"

Bert: "Ho-ho. C'mon, Ernie, you know what to do, do it
right!" (Bert bends down again, and Ernie moves Bert's nose down below Bert's chin, then laughes
some more)

Ernie: "Kehehehe! You should see where it is now!"

Bert: "ERNIE!
C'mon now, quit clowning around, do it right!"

Ernie: "Okay, hang on. (Ernie finally
puts Bert's nose where it belongs) There!"

Bert: "Thanks, Ern. (pause) Oh no!"

Ernie: "What's the matter?"

Bert: "I think I'm going to sneeze again!"

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