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Viewing Lyrics for Simple Simon And The Animals:

Artist:Sesame Street
Taken from the album Assorted by Sesame Street
Track:Simple Simon And The Animals
Date Added:27/04/2015
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Lyrics:(A man walks on a road by a country fair. When he reaches the 5 mile marking stone, he is joined by
a snake with wings and booted feet, a sheep with duck's feet, and a duck with booted feet and no

Sheep: Baa-aa-aah

Duck: Quack-quack

Narrator: Simple Simon
met some animals, going to the fair. Said Simple Simon to the animals -

Simple Simon:
Something is wrong, somewhere.

Duck: (jumping up, trying to fly) Quack-quack-QUACK,
quack-quack, quack-quack, quack-QUACK. (angrily) Something IS wrong. I can't fly.

Baaaah! Something is wrong. (spinning around) I walk funny.

Snake: Sss, sss, sss,
Sss-something IS wrong. (flies into the air) But this is great! Whoopee! Yahoo! (laughs as he swoops
down over the other three, and all get down onto the ground. All get up again, as snake lands

Duck: Quack-quack-quack-quack-quack! You've got my wings!

bows, and the wings fly from his back to the duck's)


Sheep: Pardon me, bu-u-ut I think you have my

(Snake jumps off the legs, and they walk back to rejoin the sheep.)

Snake: (having slithered into the background, sadly) It was too good to last.

Baah. Something is still wrong.

Duck: Quack-quack-quack-quack. We've got the wrong

(they exchange legs, and then smile at each other)

Simple Simon:
(scratching his head, then he realizes - ) Ah-HAH! Now I know what's wrong! (pointing) Sheep don't
wear boots!

(All look at the Sheep, and the Sheep, hanging his head in shame, walks out
of the boots and away, revealing that he actually has pink human feet with toes - but all is

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