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Viewing Lyrics for W For Wilhemina:

Artist:Sesame Street
Taken from the album Assorted by Sesame Street
Track:W For Wilhemina
Date Added:27/04/2015
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Lyrics:Voiceover: (sounds like Roscoe Orman, the actor that plays Gordon) This is Wilhemina.

Wilhemina: Wilhemina!

Voiceover: Her favorite letter is W. (little hearts appear around
her head)

Wilhemina: (says the W sound, not the letter) W ... w ... w ... Wilhemina! (she
jumps up and lands in a cloud of dust)

Voiceover: (as a red letter W throbs) W for water
... (the letter changes to blue water splashing from one end of the letter to the other) ... whistle
... (the letter turns brown, a bulge appears at the left side corner, moves to the right and the end
of the letter turns into lips as the whistle escapes) ... and worm! (the letter turns into a smiling
worm, which kinda wiggles up and down staying in the shape of the letter)

(Now we see
Wilhemina splashing in a puddle, hopping from one foot to the other) Wilhemina likes to whistle and
wiggle ... (she whistles) ... while she wades in the water. (she turns her back to the camera) W
.... (the letter appears, striped and changing from brownish to yellowish) ... for Wilhemina ...
(her face replaces the letter) .... and walk ... (the letter is now solid and walks to the right of
the screen on its bottom parts) ... and wheel ... (two wheels appear at the bottom and it races
along) ... and whiskers ... (the letter turns red and sprouts hairs) ... and wide ... (it expands,
pushing off the screen to cover it) ... and wink ... (it turns into a w-shaped eye and winks) ...
Wilhemina can wiggle ... (we see Wilhemina shake her booty from left to right) ... and walk ... (she
walks off to the left) ... whistle ... (she whistles) ... and wink ... (she winks)

Wilhemina: (as a W grows underneath her, she stands on top and spreads her arms out) W for
Wilhemina! (they both throb as the camera moves back)

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