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Viewing Lyrics for I Luv It:

Artist:Snoop Doggy Dogg
Taken from the album Duces N
Album:Duces N' Trayz....The Old Fashioned Way
Track:I Luv It
Date Added:27/04/2015
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:Tray Dee:
Coming in the front and center, state your name and game
Yeah, them Eastsidaz
back and we came to bang
Giving it up, pistols and chucks, rags hang
Strictly insane and
we do the damn thing

Goldie Loc:
It's the big bad Eastside rolling
Now how many
blocks we controlling
2-0, 2-1, 1-5, 17, 11, 1-9, and a Mafioso dime

Murder block to the swamp front of grandmama house
Elm Street, Twelfth Street, off
brands, knock em out
Stay deep, bring heat, make streets emorge
Young G's, lil G's,
casualties and war
So we push the turf
Steady pushing work
Homies love seeing thugs,
so we look for dirt
Where them six fours hop
Wanna drip, get drop
Can ya
(?) let's get spot

Goldie Loc:
All black with a little bit of gold
Now let me
show you bustas the Eastside roll
Foot to the pedal, every hand on stiletto
Extra clip,
why you think I (?) peachy love ghettos
I'm about to make the thing crack
We got straps in
this world
I got something on fat
Tell you bustas damn
It ain't no thing when you
bang with the Dogg Pound

Snoop Dogg (Chorus):
(I luv it)
The way the homies
come through all blue n---a
What y'all wanna do?
(I luv it)
We got hoes to the left,
platinum on our chest
n---a, yup yup
(I luv it)
Can't stop, won't stop
So what
the L.B.C. like
(I luv it)
We do the damn thing all night
Better yet, fo

Tray Dee:
(I luv it)
We keeping this thing G
Cause that's all we
(I luv it)
Always gonna roll and stay way too deep
Tray Dee, Goldie,
Duces and Trays
Still givin it to ya the old fashioned way
From the L.B.
Where the shells leave many
Wannabes on they knees
Trying to beef with a

(Goldie Loc)
Hey yo, I represent cause my thing don't stop
Bump them
paramedics and them crooked-ass cops
It's hard to maintain on the front line
Your brother
like me, just tryin to get mine
Low ridaz, Eastsidaz coming with this G s--t
Can you
borrow some of this?
Hell naw, trick
We keepin this thing gangsta
Yeah, C-walkin on
your prankstas, n---a

Tray Dee:
We don't really give a mad bump, give it up
messed up, catch you coming out the cut
Hoo ridin, G ridin, slump the law
Better hope you
on my side once I clutch and draw
My reactions, attractions
Fast at all action
til I die East-the-side, I stay smashin
Represent this like it's meant to see
To the
graveyard or the penatentary


Zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom
(over and over)

Yeah, what you crapilating, baby
Duces and
The Old Fashioned Way
Somethin uh
To make you move, groove
And it
definitely sets the mood
It's so uh, gangsta
It's so uh, pranksta
It's the hoodie
hoodie, goodie goodie
To make ya boogie oogie oogie
Can you hear what I'm talkin
I smell your battle cat
Now that's funky
That's so funky, I have to

Snoop Dog:
Eastsidaz coming back (X4

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