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Viewing Lyrics for Worked Up So s--ual:

Artist:The Faint
No album artwork found
Track:Worked Up So s--ual
Date Added:27/04/2015
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:i see you work at night, are you s--ually amused? what's it like to have a room of guys encircling
you? how she moves, how she walks. they all patiently await while the heat from in their pockets
could burn marks into their legs. without your needs and your support she'd have a job the same as
ours - nothing daring. would she miss a job that's s--ual? in every city there are dozens of these
clubs where men can go. some people need a little challenge to their fantasies at home. there's a
little tiny number on a fold of matches, the ink drips from a little dancer's pen. everybody wants
that fold of matches to reinflate their confidence. hey, it is a job, it pays a lot. is it
disservicing someone? and is it good to get these men worked up so s--ual? older dancers gag at what
new talent seems to mean. smaller tott and younger limbs can cause a fit of rivalry.

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