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Viewing Lyrics for Cars Pass In Cold Blood:

Artist:The Faint
No album artwork found
Track:Cars Pass In Cold Blood
Date Added:27/04/2015
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:there's a fire in the road where a frame is burnt and other automobiles are slowing down around the
fire. lanes are backed up and people get all anxious inside. they've got a schedule to keep and
don't want life to slip by. the siren and cube are coming up from behind. 1981 stereo is drowned
from the sound. i see a car with an urge and a driver to control it. he's carried away because what
he does is more important. cars pass in cold blood. i hold back, it's hard to; because i really want
to block but realize it's a bad time for that. i try to stay calm and watch the ambulance pass, but
as the car with the schedule pulled out of their lane, i had a terrible urge, but no driver to
control it. don't get carried away. what he does is not important.

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