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Viewing Lyrics for Anatomy:

Artist:The Rascalz
Taken from the album Cash Crop by The Rascalz
Album:Cash Crop
Date Added:27/04/2015
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:Madame of ya illness
Red 1 and the Misfit
Diggin up the dreaded fist from the
And this is how we go like
Well let me run down the bio
Of the Misfit

Burnin pyro with victim much whackness
Im def with sickness
A pound of vicks

Aint makin it more clear
As I kicks this
From my inferno
Internal organs

To do with more hits
Watch me
Score the bullzeye
On the target
I hard hit
And crush the metal back
Like a linebacker
Watch the diplomatic
After the sacker
Bag a buda
Knew the word laws
Ever since the
day I was tossed
Into this world
Hurl another rhyme
More spice than time

With persistance
And no assistance
Watch me get my
Astronomically be my anatamy

Has got you starving
Misfit tryin to escape will only bring that aaa for the blaze

So check it up
Next up to mention is the Red-1
Kick yo style

break Down the anatomy of illness
I get myself equipped with realness
And hit the
trail with
A knap sack of essentials
Shakin ya mental
I kick that cell wall
The membrane gets dead ????
Just imagine the surprise
When its emphasised

Your imunity is due to me
When you're emobilized
By the unity
No frontin on the mic
When I arrive by the liberty

Live and direct
Wits a bit intensity
The density is thick
No say you cant touch
A we the
Sick in the brain
Lunatic Campaigns
Through ya sector

Eject ya
Instead my proclaim as the protecter
Connected to a ill cortet

My radiation got ya ballin like
Mots in tibet
They lost s--
Your allignment

Whenever I rhyme with
The never miss
Very intullect you will with this fits

Who commits to the front line
At your time
To show rhyme
Body baggin
into nickels and dimes
With the devine
You will find prophesy has to be

Fullfilled with the illness of my anatomy

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