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Viewing Lyrics for I Believe:

Artist:The Vandals
No album artwork found
Track:I Believe
Date Added:27/04/2015
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:I believe the children are the future, - teach them well and let them know - things may be all s--t
right now, - but it gets worse when your old - Happy meals and Easter bunny, - great moments indeed
- Enjoy it now while you still can - cuz I believe - I believe in miracles - and dreams can come
true - especially the ones - where your teeth fall out - or you're naked at school - even sleeping
brings us pain - we never get no relief - But that's how it's meant to be - that's what I believe -
What ever happen to trust? - come on people - It's what we need - Stop confusing the issues with
facts - Cuz me for one, - I still believe - I believe in the written word - if it's on paper it's
true - it's all gospel as far as I'm concerned - if somebody wrote it - it's good enough for me -
why be so suspicious of the ones - who tried to keep you informed? - they give you the things you
need - that's why I believe

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