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Viewing Lyrics for Join Us For Pong:

Artist:The Vandals
No album artwork found
Track:Join Us For Pong
Date Added:27/04/2015
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:it's the g-- nineties and - you can't watch nothin' good - mindless pinko garbage - is all they make
in hollywood - kung fu theatre, - now there's a show with class - like to find the guy - who
cancelled it - and karate chop his aaa - so after alf is done - there ain't nuthin' good on - all my
rowdy friends come over - 'cause i have pong - join us! join us! join us! - join us for pong! - i
got the foxes i got that clout - i got my unit on - the day they came out - you bring the snack
treats, - you bring the booze - i ain't bringin' nuthin', - does that box belong to you? - pass the
dutchie's on, - my all time favorite song - but turn it down you moron - 'cause we're tryin' - to
play pong - don't be fooled by world peace - or an economy thats stable - the c.i.a.'s just got more
time - to watch you - through your cable - they would control you - and take away your brain - you
can defeat them - if you switch your box - over to "game" - do what's right to you, - not what they
tell you to - you can fight - we meet tonight - so join us for pong - it's up to you to improve -
your hand-eye cordination - or become a mindless servant, - unwitting puppet of the nation - they
know your address, - they send you bills - they decide if you watch tyson, - don't that give you the
chills - shake off your shackles son, - we've only just begun - there's just two speeds, - it's what
you need, - so join us for pong

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