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Viewing Lyrics for The Changing Of Times:

No album artwork found
Track:The Changing Of Times
Date Added:27/04/2015
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:Never expected it to arrive so soon
But as the night drifted on
It came time to say
Turning your back and walking away
This cold winter morning is all that
Why couldn't you tell me to my face
Instead of hiding it until I lost faith
heart gets broken as a life gets set free
And all I asked was love me
Years passed, seasons
changed and I wanted
(Hate time to say goodbye, Hate time)
Soon after was the pain
would never reach you
You've gotten over me
But it seems I'll never get over you
On me I
place this blame
Praying heaven will open wide
And hold you tight
As for me
I'll be alright
This impact you would have
The songs to write
Dreams of you changing
your mind
Anything to pass the time
But for now
I hope you can hear me as I cry
love you and goodbye

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