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Oh Yeah It Feels So Good
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Give Me A Reason
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Day One
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Watching And Waiting
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Romeo And Juliet
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The Smog
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My Eyes Adored You
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What The World Needs Now Is Love
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Taken from the album Cleanse Fold And Mutilate by Skinny PuppySkinny Puppy
The Mourn
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Viewing Lyrics for X-Ray Mirror:

No album artwork found
Track:X-Ray Mirror
Date Added:27/04/2015
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:Tunnel seems so long
Touching the bottom
A slim reflexion
Punctured my vision
didn't notice
Beside the last door
Standing on nothing
There was a mirror

Even inside...scrutinized
I am, he is, the face I hate
Refracting cells and prismed
Who's x who's y in a blank place
I can't believe this is my image
Like the
mirror without a frame

Baring a scarred side
Open in daylight
Recoil and
Farside of my pride
The introspection
Ruptures the blood core

Draws out the mirror
Seeking me out
What will he find?

I am,
he is, a repugnant state
I can't shake this curiosity
My privacy starts to fade
can't believe this is my image
Like the mirror

A polar exchange
He gloating
over my fleeting image
He used to be me
He knows who is free
How long will I
Stuck in this void place...here
I can't believe I am the immage
the mirror
Into the chrome lake
The glass is broken
But I look the same

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