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Viewing Lyrics for VA Cats:

No album artwork found
Track:VA Cats
Date Added:27/04/2015
Rating:not yet rated     
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Watch yourself
Keep where my eyes could see
Thugs, n---as
Whatsup Whatsup

Cats be eyeing me, somebody
snitching somebody dying see
Twenty five hundred a big ache, heard he was buyin three
lying, money was sweating, my man was eyeing his leat
Slap off his bracelet with ice, and jetted
cross the street
Death was my first instinct, I had to stop and think
Smiling faces always
remember, they rock ya aaa to sleep
Disregard this camouflage batter shattering thirty
Heist pulling drug selling n---as coming from dirty street
Look what? Pretty boy get
him, right there yo pass the heat
Heard he like to trigga bang slang, but he ain't aaa fast as
Slip behind a trash can blasting watching his aaa retreat
Chrome is two turned b--ch, I
love this city heat
Arsenal, blazin them weapons when there some murder beef
He's unheard of
sort of, VA Cats, them dirty streets


Unheard of VA Cats, we bring it well
Do them dolo hit, we never tell none
Sittin in the cell for blazing hell's gun
aight though, we just dip bail
And like they say or somethin
You heard of us VA Cats, for

{Joe Mafia}
I heard the judge got a grudge
No love for thugs pushing
Guerilla warfare with ice mugs
Inside the borough, pure bred head the stero
deniro, slottin in chrome is hero
The Max Mil era, I pick steel whenever
Time to exercise my
five, your a terror
Ill vatal, roll with my crime team and feel stable
With your betrayal, I
place you in the field cradle
I heard a thirty eight, it ain't hurt regurgitate
Swerving in
the irving, sippin Feron in the paper chase
With thug n---as, that's born to r

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