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Estas Dormida
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Never Far Away
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Taken from the album MC Solaar by Mc SolaarMc Solaar
Les Songes 05
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Taken from the album Laid by JamesJames
Dream Thrum
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Gossip Folks
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Taken from the album Sacrifice by Gary NumanGary Numan
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Taken from the album Cabea Dinossauro by TitasTitas
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Taken from the album Portrait Of An American Family by Manson MarilynManson Marilyn
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Viewing Lyrics for The Prophet:

Taken from the album Time And A Word by Yes
Album:Time And A Word
Track:The Prophet
Date Added:27/04/2015
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Long ago a tall man told a tale of yesterday,
Searching for the truth
to life and not for just a way.
Finding pleasure from this house his ears, they did obey;

In his life a moment's pleasure, never to delay.
He was lost and in his trust he found
a new meaning;
Seeing the things in diff'rent lights his life was redeemed.
Words of
peace will fill his mind and change his way of life;
Peaceful meetings with his heart have
made him more alive.
Meeting wise old women on the cliffs of life itself;
Asking not
for pers'nal meaning, more for just himself.
Soon we'll be as he proclaimed in a new way of
Take the things you need in life but remember the giving.
Prophesy within your
mind and you will work it out;
Prophesy that some will die but only those who doubt.

Then you'll never worry as somtimes you used to do;
Just remember when you're gone there's
someone after you, you

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