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Viewing Lyrics for The Solid Time Of Change:

No album artwork found
Album:Close To The Edge
Track:The Solid Time Of Change
Date Added:27/04/2015
Rating:not yet rated     
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A seasoned witch could call you from the depths of your disgrace,

And rearrange your liver to the solid mental grace,
And achieve it all with music that came
quickly from afar,
Then taste the fruit of man recorded losing all against the hour.
assessing points to nowhere, leading ev'ry single one.
A dewdrop can exalt us like the music
of the sun,
And take away the plain in which we move,
And choose the course you're

Down at the edge, round by the corner,
Not right away, not right
Close to the edge, down by a river,
Not right away, not right away.

Crossed the line around the changes of the summer,
Reaching to call the color of the
Passed around a moment clothed in mornings faster than we see.
Getting over all the
time I had to worry,
Leaving all the changes far from far behind.
We relieve the tension
only too find out the master's name.

Down at the end, round by the corner.
to the edge, just by a river.
Seasons will pass you by.
I get up, I get down.
that it's all over and done,
Now that you find, now that you're whole

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