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Viewing Lyrics for In The Presence Of:

No album artwork found
Track:In The Presence Of
Date Added:27/04/2015
Rating:not yet rated     
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September 11, 2001

Deeper than every ocean
Deeper than
every river
That's what your presence brings to me

Revealing the words I listen

Seeing you in my silence
Learning I'm with you constantly
As I was before

If we were flowers
We would worship the sun
So why not now?
This high is
shining brightly
Brighter than before

As the door was open wide
There inside was
a diamond chair
Where I sat when I was young
I wrote down the words

Only when
the young at heart
Can enter the real world
This chance I've waited for
For you to

If I had chances I would spend them with you
To hold you close and let your love
surround me
Deeper than before

(Deeper than every ocean)
And I know this love is
(Deeper than every river)
Realize this is meant to be
That's what your eyes they
say to me
You are listening to how I feel
So expectedly
(Brighter than every morning)

From the ocean to the sky
(Beautiful as the sunset)
Every river to the sea

Nature surrounds me constantly
We can hear love constantly
This is for you and me

Turn around and come deeper now
So what happens when I touch you there
You feel
the words roll over you
Thinking of the better scenes
The memories
As everybody else
Hasn't got the time
To help you anymore

'Cause if the reason for
things that pleasure us
To please ourselves
Not pressure us
To give our ego
pleasure time

Can you imagine
Any reason
To know you're only fooling yourself

And then you'll unders

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