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Viewing Lyrics for Z-Ro:

No album artwork found
Date Added:27/04/2015
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I'm a Ridgemont soldier, state of Texas stunner
King of the ghetto, even when I was a
new comer
24 hours a day, I be sending fellas under
If they people want revenge, I never
worry or wonder
When my motherf--king beef coming
n---a this Rap-A-Lot mafia, head-n-chief
Everybody claiming they got guerillas in they click, why they be lying
automatics start bucking, they turn them monkeys on the vine
Trying to get away, from the
But my barrel be spinning, like a set of Yokohama
I gotta blame it on my messed up
childhood, this how I turned out
Hotter than first degree burns, unable to burn

[Hook - 2x]
Z-Ro, I think you fellas know my name mayn
Z-Ro, making these
haters mad that's my thang mayn
Z-Ro, I'm real and I ain't gon never change mayn
Z-Ro, me
and a piece of platinum that's the same thang

We ain't riding on no horses,
round here
We get it how we live, that's why it go down round here
We going through thangs,
plenty plenty pain round here
I cheering a smoke ass, we don't play games round
Everybody living wild, nobody tame round here
On they click em juice, with evil in they
brain round here
Since the turn of the century, it ain't been the same round here
Must be a
soldier or get voted, just to claim round here
Some people, say we a fashion show
Don't let
the Screw tapes fool you, cause we be blasting hoe
This is what it sounds like, when we ride on
our enemies
Houston Texas, we pulling negative energy

[Hook -

Be all up in my face, when I be sanging that song
But when haters be up
in my face, I be swanging that dome
Because patience is a virtue, that I don't have
And you
a fool, if you thinking that I wonc1

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