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Viewing Lyrics for Quality Girl:

Artist:Age Of Electric
No album artwork found
Album:Age Of Electric
Track:Quality Girl
Date Added:14/08/2016
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:Give, You know she gave, Till she was running like a f--kin' slave
Take, You know he took,
Till she was running on an empty tank

A tongue made of gold, Empty promises and
He tastes like sugar coated cyanide
He pulled your body full of fire and your
Full of s--t and your mind full of suicide

Hurt, I know you hurt, You're
not the only one in this world
Live, Your still alive, And just remember you're a quality

You're like a fire burnin' out of control
Love like a laze burnin' into
your soul
She was a quality girl

Speak, You know he spoke, With words that
made her fell so alive
Feed, You know he fed, Fed her a belly full of f--kin' lies
/> Amphetamine smile and a valium ki55 and a bottleful of liquid
Pride, You got your
artificial courage and a make shift mask
Soul canker's something you can't hide

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