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Viewing Lyrics for Sound Is Vibration:

Taken from the album Overcast EP by Atmosphere
Album:Overcast EP
Track:Sound Is Vibration
Date Added:14/08/2016
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I'm sparked, waiting for the dark to hit
Cuz when the moon gets above my
apartment, I catch fits for starting s--t
I'm smart with it, I give it that special touch
when I push it
Cuz I'm also a label rep, and I can't allow no bulls--t
So shush
kid, shush baby! Shut your eyes
Lay your head back, shed the fear and let the tears
I wish the flies to land upon your forehead
When I extract the essence
from your head and leave your body resting moored
I left more dead reputations than HIV
But for every killing there's a reason and its not just emcees, man!
watching C-SPAN, waiting for the first state rep
To take the first step, to have to kill
off to make this world perfect
Well lets get s--t right, right here! Right now! Right away!

Atmosphere motherf--ker! If I need to I could fly away
I'll grind you and your
weak crew into beef stew
Serve you with seafood, you can't cloud my vision cuz you're

You need to recognize the size of the atmos

You ain't as tall as half this - match this - past what you practice
Obviously you can't
f--k with my tactics, you bastards
Thats why you breath fast b--ch - no need to ask

We dug the fingernails underneath the skin of your scalpel, then peeled it

Sent your underdeveloped pre-school style on a field trip
Now bite your tongue,
this is how the mic gets stung
A whole tree to pick some fruit from, man! You had to choose
the ripest one

That said it all, it comes from inside ,and how
you ride
the sound wire when it's live and the vibes feelin right
Catchin' the
motion given by rhythms when you hit 'em on time
with lines, makin' sure your rhyme
soundin' tight
Your voice should travel without the babble of the average emcee
listen please use discretion when you breath
sound is vibration, I choose to use it with a
and then comes the style and precision...

No more
longer will we hold your hand. Why? Cuz you're too damn old
Oh yea, the network called,
they told me to tell ya you've been canceled
They also said big ups for all the support /> Thanks to your devotion, they now control the world
So let your head down and eat the
poison with a tall glass of Tang
I'm rising past the bang, with smile I'm flashin my fangs

I tumble over some, cuz some I don't over stand
I got the crowd respond, from now
on, I know the plan

It's the noise it makes, to generate the
passion I have
It's the void it breaks, that stimulates when mics get grabbed
takes shape - escapes from these vocal chords I have
Atmosphere: music makers from the
Rhymesayers lab

Come now, who be gwan test the giants, when we
apply this
Vice grips to your eyelids to make you read the fine print
The tyrants
that gave you crisis, left you silenced
Don't breath a sigh of relief 'till you hear the
rescue sirens

Supreme, be this team, we got this s--t
on lock
Obviously we hid the key under an upscale rock
So you could knock all you
want to but you ain't gettin' in
You could try to crash the door but you ain't gettin' in

n---a, what! My definition is raw, I got you all
wishin' I'd fall, so things could
get better for y'all
but I'm tall, and got game, remain the same for the duration

Area Code 6-1-2, my present location...


Atmosphere...embellished with talent and the wisdom not to abuse it
Blessed with insight,
friends and affluences
Thats what keeps us dope, what makes us dope is the surroundings /> Inspiration stems from love and stress compounding
Stamina: that is achieved over the
course of time
in fact, time taught me how to breath, battle, not to court my mind

defined as lyricist - the Atmosphericist
makin sure you feel this s--t every time you hear
this s--t

[Spawn] : Sound is vibration
[Slug] : This sound is taken /> [Spawn]: Sound is vibration
[Slug] : and the ground is shaken
[Spawn] :
Vibration is sound
[Slug] : yo, we found your replacement
[Spawn] : Vibration is
[Slug] : now who makes the sound?

[Slug & Spawn] : Now who makes
the music/sound? (fades out)

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