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Viewing Lyrics for We Could Send Letters:

Artist:Aztec Camera
Taken from the album High Land, Hard Rain by Aztec Camera
Album:High Land, Hard Rain
Track:We Could Send Letters
Date Added:14/08/2016
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:Words and music by roddy frame

You said you're free, for me that says it all.
You're free to push me and i'm free to fall.
So if we weaken we can call it stress,
You've got my trust i've got your home address.
And now the only chance that we could take,
Is the chance that someone else won't make it all come true.

We're making tracks, they show our touch and go,
And now it's touch and come and you should know.
But then four years won't mean that much to me,
When i've been smothered by the sympathy you bleed.

Just close your eyes again
Until these things get better
You're never far away
But we could send letters.

While you were gone i reached another town,
They couldn't help me but they showed me round,
And now i've seen what you can't understand,
I'd try to lead you but i'd crush your hand.

Because the people in the village know, it doesn't matter
Where you choose to go the end's the same.

I found some blood i wasn't meant to find
I found some feelings that we'd left behind
But then some blood won't mean that much to me
When i've been smothered by the sympathy you bleed.


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Is everybody ready? All right here we go"

Allow me to begin once again my friend

Yo it's Ace in Action here to send
Any and all MC's into a frenzy
I'll take a rapper out just like a Benzi
Yeah this ain't the same old lame old

Bragging and nagging yo all that became old
Years ago and yo here's a pro

fession that will better and freshen the soul
I am going on and on like an adventure

Some of y'all are offered that cause I sent ya
Hmmm, this move is forward, or would

You like it if I pause, yeah you sure would
But I ain't pausing, no stop, just like a
You're claiming too close, I need some leeway
Cause it's about time for the
party to get a
Little bit hyper and yo, this is a letter to the better

So go
check the mail for yours, I unveil the jaws
Then I dog ya, get down on all fours
he can blow the capital A, the dream
Rhymes are fierce, pierce your ears like a laser beam

Reach, and I'll teach you each the speech
Spectrum, even if you add bleach
won't fade or run, cause it's made of one-
hundred percent knowledge to weigh a ton

Listen bud, yo the rhyme's a dud
Pencil or pen and I'll draw
Blood I'll take a
strong stance, strictly long pants
No short-taking, when you hear my song, dance!

Cause you can't keep still, so dance til
You drop or the hip-hop stop, but it never will

Yeah, now if you're better, then here's the move
Ace in Action, I'm here to show and
Plain and simple, you train my rhyme a pimple
Bust it, and watch it in your
You need Buffrin, you're suffering, can you cope?
Nah, nope, cause it's dope,
and you hope
I might slip or trip, stall or fall
But all hope is lost, you've been
Drugged, you've been bugged if I'd said a
Another line in this verse, this
is a letter to the better

I'm flowing, so in fact, kind of rivery
Are you a
dope MC? Special delivery
There's no time, here's a rhyme, go ahead open it
This is
a letter to the better, I know you're hoping it
Might be some claim on my greatness

But once I state this, watch the crabs rate this
You wear a crown, you don't deserve one

You need a meal for the mind and I'll serve one
Like a chef so def, I'm gonna rip up

Rhymes they gonna rip up those that turn a lip up
One page at a time, you keep
Each stage of the rhyme, where's it leading?
You want to know where a path
leads, you follow it
I feed you your pride and make you swallow it
Used to be an
innocent bystander and the
Lotta years filled my ears with slander
Why should I
choose to get used to the way you burn?
When will you learn that every rapper has a turn?

And when the spotlight shines on you, you ought to glow
And show, the next man how to
And so, enough said about yourself
The central wealth of our people is mental
And good things come in due time
And through rhyme, watch as a few climb

Non stop, straight to the top just to get a
Great big piece of the pie, this is a
letter to the better

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