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Viewing Lyrics for Mr. Important:

Taken from the album The New Transistor Heroes by Bis
Album:The New Transistor Heroes
Track:Mr. Important
Date Added:27/04/2015
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:He remains defiant to the cause
Though he never quite knew what it was
He's working hard
for the man upstairs
Seen him once, he's losing his hair

Mr. important, he's better
than you
Index and quotient, he knows what to do.
Socially impotent, he drinks with the
Mr. important, in bachelor pads

His parents would be very proud
If only
he stood out from the crowd
And made a name that was his own
No corporation, just his

Mr. important...etc

But mum and dad, they were so sad
When he lost
the job, the bachelor pad.
And he just went back home to stay
Now mum and dad want him

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