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Viewing Lyrics for Tell It To The Kids:

Taken from the album The New Transistor Heroes by Bis
Album:The New Transistor Heroes
Track:Tell It To The Kids
Date Added:27/04/2015
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Lyrics:Giving the show to children of all ages,
The proveyors of the finest in teen-c power.

Girls and boys, ladies and gentlemen, i give you the pop group, bis.

Sci-fi steven, a
secret vampire by night.
Ears and eyes always on the lookout for conspiracies against the
teen-c nation.
Lives by the ethic, 'keep yr friends close but yr enemies closer.'

Manda rin, seeker of the truth.
Hairclips and screams used as deadly weapons.
appearance used as decoy.
A warning to all saboteurs, 'be fooled and be dead'.

disco, all hail the disco king.
Gaze in wonderment at his skanking ability, but don't stare too
His disco feet can hypnotize.
Hear him say, 'travolta ain't got nothin' on me'.

And now coming through the airwaves into yr home.
Introducing the new transistor

Tell it to the kids, tell it to the kids.

Hey you! fascist man,
working on yr masterplan.
We know what we saw, won't let you do more.
Hey you! h--ophobe,
life without yr frontal lobe.
Yr prejudice lies while innocent die.
Hey you! it's the
sound, in yr head goes round and round
You want it some more, yr life is a bore.
Hey you!
don't be scared, bis are here and we don't care.
We'll expose the lies. it's the defence for
the kids.

No use running now, we know what you did
We're gonna tell it to the kids,
tell it to the kids
Gonna get you now, cuz that's now it is
We're gonna tell it to the
kids, tell it to the kids

Hey you! poison pen, no use trying to pretend.
You think
yr the best, now here's the prole press.
Hey you! businessman, getting as much as you can

We wanted the truth, we still want our youth
Hey you! backstabber, we know who and where you
You let down the kids, yes that's what you did
Hey you! listen out, teen-c nation
gives the shout
Retain the youth. it's the defence for the kids!

No use

Oh, oh, oh, oh fighting for the nation's youth
So, so, so, so, we can
find out all the truth
No, no, no, no, no use hiding what you did.
Oh, oh, oh, oh, we are
gonna tell it to the...1-2...kids!

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