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Viewing Lyrics for Funk Is Back:

Artist:Biz Markie
No album artwork found
Track:Funk Is Back
Date Added:27/04/2015
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:Get up out your seat, the grand groove is back
With a beat to sink your teeth in like Wolfman
I'm bringing in the swing like ching a-ling a-ling
Guaranteed to rock and make the
microphone sing
I combine funk with a make-a-monk piano
I'm nuts, I'm crazy, I lost it,
and man a
Different type of bud in my veign and hey
Like I'm *cookoo cookoo* like a nappy
Now it's me, the B-I-Z, M-A-R K-I to the E
As you can see, going to the T-O-O, mo mo
most definitely
I concoct to rock, and put you in shock
Not from the past, but I blact
like Binac-a
Yeah, the one foots getting ill
Cause nobody beats the Biz still

The funk is back! (Repeat 4x)

Ooops, well I'm the original B-I-Z Mark
Here to let
you know my bite is worse than my bark
I'm coiming out with some freakified funk
If Joanie
was around, then I'd be a hump
But since she ain't, I still am the
Hellified king of the
I'sa I'sa I'sa here to let you know
I'm the hypnotizing, mezmorizing, stealing the
Uh-oh, I'm hitting hitting just like a speaker
My mom dropped the bomb, then God said
To say a lay masterpiece that's long overdue
>From the streets of California to
Don't look at me like I'm crazy or dumb
Cause my jinlge will tickle you
My sensational delivery will give you a chill
That's why nobody beats the Biz

The funk is back! (Repeat 4x)

I'm the super, duper, party pooper

With my loop I'll put you in a stupor
Chump, thump, with doctor's bump
With the trunks of
funk to make the heartbeat pump
M ah Z R, K har, I har, E har
Try hard, a star, rocking
the Casbah
My brain maintains with no restraints
Not John Doe or Jane, here to
Feul a, deuler, plus an old schooler
Funk from the crack keep me kicking like
I'm ruler
Dunky, drunky, skunky, funky, and pokey
Chunky, a junkie with the monkey on my
Knack, opposites attract
Biz being wack? Get the bozack!
Skill to ill, plus
always thrill
And I be sure that no one beats the Biz still

The funk is back!
(Repeat 4x)

*the Biz goes off til the song's end*

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