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Viewing Lyrics for Noreaga Blood Money:

Taken from the album The War Report by Capone
Album:The War Report
Track:Noreaga Blood Money
Date Added:27/04/2015
Rating:not yet rated     
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New York get the Bloody Money, dirty cash
live n---as who smoke weed, car
thief style
you monkey walk, a hunchback, keep quiet
talkin 'bout mi casa, scared to
death when I pop up
I'm fouler than gats that dont bust when they supposed to
around you, play close, but wasn't close to you
the setup was weak, you coming
I saw
you cuttin corners, snake-type s--t
tie you up, seal your lip, wrist bleeding
rope, choke your throat
put the bogey out in your face
now your face laced like ash
tray space
stay f--k outta my way
get a scar on your face, shoot you up above waist

if I aint got beef right here or right there
Ice Grill fear, shoulda set it off right
it off right there
CNN war report, spread across New York
guard him indian style kness
bent, militant
yo the world know Noriega from Iraq
beef would be serious, keep it real
as that
get stabbed in your back, my man Alley Cat
little cousin from Jamaica,
brown-skin thug
thuglife, yo we stuck in the game like it's a drug
my pops was a thug
n---a, was on the streets too
Uncle Wise been banned since '82
back on the streets, A
hundred seven got brew
I see you, come see you, writing scrolls
to the rest of the
fam, locked in holes
now ay-ay, money come first, snatch purse
go to church, yo that's
not me, money I'm cursed
he bliss glamourous, diabolic, devilish, this game real, realer than

just think, spots get rushed, knots get touched, police busts

yo what happened? Police kicked door, yo he was rappin'
your wife, wha-what!, dressed
a hundred crackers, yo it's the one-ten precinct
yo time zone,
cabron, madicon
b--ches callin me up tryin to set me up
like Amina and Gina, kid they
from Medina
Emmanuel, use fish gill to sell
General click deep with cartel
n---as get locked, who you think they call for bail
shorty legs mad smooth, son I left slow

p---y plus d--k could only equal a f--k
fatty bangin', she analyze, my chain hangin'

we waitin, conversatin', evil as Satan
illegal life, watch police on bikes
I feel ashamed, they monkey wrenched the whole gang
a stress day, police watch the twelve "K"

while I smoked shorty sipped chardonnay
ale', laid back, cognac
and I dont even
drink like that, I sell crack
yo my license, playin type mean, sell to fiends
guns, parallel
pistal (pistol), bust well
kid whatever, desert storm like bad weather

click together, keep gats under the leather
you lightweight, what? I'm heavyweight
hold weight
yo these jail n---as comin' home taking a s--t
yo illegal business, them
n---as got bagged quick
got smoked
god body cat, he sniff coke
yo he's old
time, thinkin 'bout drinkin' his wine
regulatin' 9-9, get my crew out, survive shootout

tactics, keep gats under the mattress
player hater, my team a bunch of regulator

set you up, you wont make it to the elevator
you never been to jail, I'm jail seen

n---as seen, me in jail since thirteen
shooting up scenes
real n---as take
Chorus 2x
(people giving shout outs

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