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Viewing Lyrics for Forever Love:

Artist:Color Me Badd
Taken from the album Young, Gifted And Badd by Color Me Badd
Album:Young, Gifted And Badd
Track:Forever Love
Date Added:27/04/2015
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:Now here we are, the two of us.
And nothing's gonna come between us again.
Forever love, I
feel you with me.
You're the sun that chases away the rain.

I cherish all the love
you bring,
It's soon, forever and a day.
I love you more than anything.
I can't throw
that away (my love).

There's nowhere, baby unless you're there.
I could
never let you down.
By the way, I have wanted to say,
I will always be around, forever
(Ooh forever love, baby ooh)

Inside my heart, you'll never die.
understand the man that hides deep inside.
So come to me (come to me), I need you
(I need you dearly).
I'll never give you reason to say goodbye (never say

There were times I made you cry,
And times I wasn't there for
But for our love, I'd even die,
For you I'm gonna stay (oh


(I need you baby)

You know girl being
with has brought new meaning about life.
You give me so much happiness.
Just to see you
smile gives me the strength to go on.
I cherish all the moments that we spend
The laughter, the tears. They're all so sweet to me.
I guess what I'm really
trying to say is that I love you (is that I
love you)

I cherish all the love you
I'm yours for always.
I love you more than anything.
I can't throw that away
(that away).

Chorus (2 times)
You know if you want me you got me.
If you need
me I'll be there.
(I'll will always be around)
I'll always be around girl
I'll never let you down.
(Be around)
You know I

For the memory of you,
For all the times we've shared
For all we've been through,
Forever love.

Added by Heon Lee
[email protected]

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