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Viewing Lyrics for From The Back:

Artist:Color Me Badd
No album artwork found
Album:Now & Forever
Track:From The Back
Date Added:27/04/2015
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:Oh, ah
Oh, yeah, cmb, once again it's on folks,
Ah yeah, s--ual, exoticness
One time
for your mind,
Two times for your soul.
And this is j.b. ha, ha,ha..
Come on, it's
like, come on it's like....
Yeah! let'em know

You're all alone
I bet you're
thinking to yourself
Why your thighs
Are sitting there by themselves
You're the kind
of girl
To call me up and over coming fly
And it don't intimidate me
Your body is so
Girl i can't grab control
'cause i'll be grabbing everything soft. ooh...

It's just so nice to kick it with someone who's s--uality,
Says nothing but can i get you
And i said,


Any day an night, anywhere is right, back
of my jeep
When i get you from the back, baby (back baby, yeah!)
There's more cushion for
the pushin' from the back.
If i get you back tonight
If i get ya' back tonight
wanna' make you come faster, faster
I wanna' ride you to, here and after
From the

Yo, ho ho ho (on the real deal)
I think it's time for you and me to make love,
(yeah, it's about that time)
Wild and wet fantasy
When were playing doctor baby i'll be
mister freaky m.d
I'll get your free full body examination, like the way the doctor suppose to
Coz' baby you've got somethin'- somethin' so right (oh ya!)
I can get so-oh, into
Pretty back, back, front of me
You better grab, grab, hold on to me.
Hold on to
something to tight.
Coz' i am about to give you something right

You say you're just
thinking about it
How it makes you loose control (loose it baby, loose it baby)
But pretty
soon you'll be sittin' wet in your seat
Hey baby that's ok, i'll just come over and see (come
on, come on)
Soak it up, soak it up, sponge it up,
You can take a mike check on me. (yeah,

Chorus twice

Oh, no no no damn.
Girl, yes, give me all baby
(all night long)
I wanna' love you from the back, baby
I just want you to be you.


Said i wanna' get you off
I wanna' make you come, here and after
Love you in the morning...
Love you in the night
Make you funk, funk, back,
Feels so right.

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