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Viewing Lyrics for Ooh Tonight:

Artist:Color Me Badd
No album artwork found
Album:Now & Forever
Track:Ooh Tonight
Date Added:27/04/2015
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:When we ooh....tonight,(tonight)
And we make-n it right just for love.
Hey girl, i love
the way you do, the simple things you do.
The way that you go down on me.
And oh girl,you
proved your style is smooth
With everything you do, with every little fantasy
Oh girl, i
want to live them out with you
And we take our time with the special love affair. yeah!

Coz' i've got this feeling inside of me, and i wanna' set it free. ooh baby..


When we oohtonight (tonight)
And we makin' right just for love ( i want you my
When we do the do tonight (tonight, oh baby)
Let's turn the lights down, so i can
get-cha off, yeah!

Hey girl, i love the way we are, the simple way we are.
little fantasy- you love me girl,
And i'm forever dedicated- my love to you baby.
pretty little girl, i think about you all the time,
And i wanna'give you my love let me show
you mine.
The sweet perfume turns me on, and on
Repeat chorus twice
~(ooh baby when
we ooh tonight)
(right just for love)

Oh girl when we ooh..tonight. yeah!
ooh, i must say shorty went down all the way.
Umm.. figure eight special, your body's on my
mind when we ooh..tonight
It's like b--ter baby, b--ter, it's like b--ter when you b--ter sweet
words to me.
It's urging me, to splurge to me,
To get-cha open on the edge of my bed,

Tonight s-- it up- i wanna' have s--


Make sweet lovin' all night
Feels so right it can't be wrong
Don't be shy girl get with me
Open your heart

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