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Viewing Lyrics for Remember When (club Mix):

Artist:Color Me Badd
Taken from the album Awakening by Color Me Badd
Track:Remember When (club Mix)
Date Added:27/04/2015
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:Nothing could be harder to believe
When you told me that you needed to be free
I'm only
getting by on memories
Hoping maybe time will help you see


Remember when
I could see forever in your eyes
Remember when
Together we could
leave the world behind
I've got nothing to lose, nothing to hide
Can't live without you,
i'm dying inside
Can't we get it back again
Remember when
I'm searching for the one
abandoned dream
I need to reclaim
Heaven's in the love
I cannot reach, can't
You know, i'm longing for the magic of your touch
And i thank god
I've never
given up the chance to trust
You'd come back to me baby


I know i'll be holding on to thoughts of yesterday
And this silence could fade away

I keep holding on to the times we shared baby
You know i'll never,never let you go let you


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