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Viewing Lyrics for Nationwide Rip Ridaz:

Taken from the album Nationwide Rip Ridaz by Crips
Album:Nationwide Rip Ridaz
Track:Nationwide Rip Ridaz
Date Added:27/04/2015
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:Verse One:
I cast out cased up Loc locked down I'm a Menace
I gives it up I give a
f--k a Loc for life cuz I'm with it
I see fresh dressed like a million bucks
I am
the lowest rip rida in the navy blue chucks
Not the low top type cuz they slip and they
with the high tops and the gangstaz with the stars on the side
I'm buckin all
brands all slobs b--ches and tricks
and I'm from Eastside Fushtown Mafia Crip

WATTS UP to my homiez on the 10 and the 5
In the cut on the street gettin paid on the front
I rob for C side, death to my enemy
Mission to make a Mill and Chill with my
Big Gz
Verse Two:
I got a heat for you slob n---az slippin
set trippin is my
favorite pastime Loc cuz I'm crippin
See a slob if he swerve too deep in a Suburban

Pull up close to the curb, get up close so I can serve him
Ain't no mercey or grace

Put him in his place
Make every bullet count so put a slug in his face
Eastside Watts Franklin Square Crip Ride
Another straight hood slippin another straight just
I ain't lying when I say you see me dumpin
Eastside Nationwide Rip Ride is
quick to move some (on that Eastside)
Verse Three:
The AGCs, straight rollin on that
Eastside, right
Where gangstaz like to ride
and do a homicide
I catch a slob
I break his f--kin neck
and puttin these busta punk n---az straight in check

talkin 'bout youz a gangsta
n---a youz a busta
runnin slobs over

n---a you can't trust a
n---a from the A-V, A-L-O-N-G-E, S-T-A
and I'm a spray when
I have ta
Busta, I case you out the hood
because you know the OG ?cellies? straight
up to no good
wood, you try to test me and get stray dog
cuz I'll be rollin
muthaf--kaz like lumber jacks roll logs
Peep the real crippin
back in '69 you young
rookies don't know s--t
about your melon & big cookie
doing ?dips in green metals?

I'm that little bitty fella runnin around
while my n---az bustin caps
recognize n---a when those gangstaz comin through
dressed in blue
and we did it just
for you
Not bangin on wax, but bangin for my turf
and I'll be tossin n---az like a
muthaf--king Nerf
and I'm out
Nationwide Rip Ride, Rip Ridaz (4x)

Verse Four: Scarface and G-Bone
Don't panic, this Atlantic move my strap in your
I empty clips on dat aaa for the muthaf--kin south
never slippin steady dippin
thats the way that we're crippin
buck a slob on the corner flammed up caught slippin

Gangsta Bone jumped out with the gauge point blank then said
n---a f--k slob, this the AD
slob n---az should have known that the bone is a killer
South Atlantic drop
Compton Crip, f--k them slob n---az
Nationwide rip ride, n---a this the double S

young gangsta goin be your face puttin slobs to rest
n---a this crip so whats poppin wit
that BK
like I said last time every dog has its day
Slobs keep slippin when I'm
dippin comin up short
smoke like a muthaf--ker nine for the New Port
n---a this the
AD rollin with the Southside
straight crip face Nationwide n---a rip ride
Puttin it down ain't a muthaf--kin thang to me either Loc
so I can miss the
f--k a slob from Cedar
I'm on Alameda
On my way to Elm with the glock
10 mm
a Hoo-Ride ain't s--t to me
187 on the muthaf--kin M-O-B
K, K-P-B-G,
f--k a slob
AK 47 on the Lolly-Pop Mob, Loc
I'm Kelly Crip with my homiez from the N
Eastside Rip Ride to the membrane
the 47 still giving it up
and f--k a
slob, I'm a muthaf--kin Compton Nut
Verse Six: Koollay
I represent that Eastside Rip

Don't even trip
When I hit you up with that Watts Franklin Crip
Fool ain't
no stoppin when I'm out there wig shoppin
throwin down slobs from Inglewood to Compton

quick to pop up on deck with a teck
spot a slob and try my best to take off his neck

They should of told you about this Loc-sta
out there bangin, with killaz and sherm
I'm claimin F till I'm finally put to rest
and till then I'm bringing
nothing but total death
Koollay Big G from the FC
Watts Franklin Crip till they
burry me
Verse Seven: Big Cixx
The Eastside is where I ride
fool is get that
straight FCG till I reach them Golden Gates
Do or Die, Crip or Cry, I thought I told ya

Runnin from C-I-X and I'm a fold ya
so think twice if your movin through my N hood

n---az see deep and them swears up to no good
Watts the city of Tombstone
evil side same fool slippin
is the same fool just died
so remember what goes on in
them tombstone
you ain't got your chrome you best stay at home
it ain't no joking
around it ain't no suprise
you better recognize
Nationwide Rip Ride

Northside, Southside, Eastside, Westside

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