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Viewing Lyrics for C To The R:

Artist:Cross Movement
No album artwork found
Track:C To The R
Date Added:27/04/2015
Rating:not yet rated     
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Lyrics:Hook: Its the C. to the R. to the O.S.S.
We make you MOVE with the M. to the E.N.T.
preach the C. to the R. to the O.S.S.
Coming at you with the Gospel frequently

1: Im free from the bondage of having to sin
having to give in
loving the worlds top ten

having to not win when I struggle
free to love the Lord with all of my might
life with all of my sight
vision unimpaired and clearer than ever
now is my faith, my
salvation nearer than ever
nearer than when I first believed
then when I first received
life from the giver
well springs spring up inside
right from the river (Euphrates style)

you fraidy cats prowl on the fence and howl in defense
Id rather find out how to repent to
the wildest extent
while this world wallows away in there childish events
stuck in the
mode of thuggin and livin for the moment
livin every moment as the Lords opponent
askin to
be forgivin but givin poor atonement
hopin the thought that there isnt really more condones it

but dont it ever seem strange and deranged to see art work with no authors name on the frame?

The wise move is to check to see if the architect has supplied tools to help us dig deeper

to fall in-love with a God who could rig Easter to rescue the rest of us from the grim reaper

And if you trust Him to save you, you can trust Him to keep ya

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2: Until then, my dealings and my feelings are controlled by the wheel in
middle of my will, ILL
I fell
hell would have caught me but Christ came And Blood brought
His love sought me, located me and so faithfully has been
Making me what I am now

when shall this Lord be seen as responsible for all that my team has thats worth havin


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